Falling For You Until I Die

You fall in love to someone and seem far from making it real.
From the beginning, you already knew this thing.
Illusions drive you mad and sometimes in pain.
And you can really imagine how it is going to end.

You wish that all things will end.
But your heart stops it and is holding.
You cry with a sleepless night.
A pillow is just the only thing to hug tight.

You go together and your eyes are always on her.
Fancy meeting her, only drives you crazier.
You call her on the phone
and a happy smile starts on.

You love her, but she sees another man.
Questions in mind start to run.
You want to give up on her
but saying no is what you utter.

Qualm and despondence bring together.
But your heart is already immune;
getting more ready to be hurt more and more.
Because you think she’s irreplaceable.

Here's a song I want to leave for you: 

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