Dinner at Sheraton Dammam Hotel & Towers

It's Eid in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so we pampered ourselves by having a special dinner at Sheraton Dammam (the best 5* hotel in the city). There are many restaurants to choose from; however, we decided to give Lebanese Restaurant a try so we can savor the dinner at the garden because the view is cozy with a piano instrumental track, in romantic scenery near the swimming pool with stunning table lamps.

The lights around, are perfect for a romantic night occasion. But, it’s pretty expensive (199 SAR or 2,000 Php plus per person).  So I suggest, choose for an individual serve – buffet is too expensive though. But hey, it’s worth it. The food is delicious and it's an eat all you can.

After dinner, we went to the rooftop to experience an overlooking view of the city and it’s breathtaking – really! Fortunately, we met a Filipino store manager, Mr. Nichol and he gave us a discount for a hot coffee at the VIP room. Oh yes, the wonderful feeling to meet a compatriot.

side view

facade from afar
swimming pool
first plate
another plate 
hang out at the roof top with hot coffee
me in the hallway
Final say: Choose Asahi Restaurant located at the rooftop for a perfect view of gulf and skyline.
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