My Summer Outfit

5 Practical Tips for Summer Outfit:

1. Don't bring unnecessary stuff
The feeling of easy to go makes us snug even if the heat of the sun rays directly to us. Too many things to carry isn't really good.

2. Wear light clothes
It's pretty desirable if you prefer clothes that are thin, stretchable and soft. Summer is absolutely hot so it would be nice if you feel more comfortable with your clothes.

3. Put your sunglasses on
It's a good protection for your eyes and not only for fashion. Use sunglasses which you think will suit with your skin color.

4. Wear rubber shoes that you feel very light
Colors of your shoes should be light too. (Heavy colors will only confuse the color of your overall outfit.) In my case, I chose white here and they're very lightweight rubber shoes.

5. Wear a hat
Choose one that will blend the color of your clothes. Hat is also a good protection underneath the sun. 

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