The Music In Me

Since I was 13, playing the guitar has been my favorite self expression. But I’m not that good enough and I’m still practicing though. I usually play ballad and emo music. In fact, I already did some covers and I’m still thinking of making my YouTube channel public or not. Well, some of my friends already saw them because I shared some on Facebook. (I was so shy when my friends saw me singing while playing the guitar.)

I have to thank my brother for teaching me how to play the guitar. Gosh! I’m already better than he is because he stopped playing the guitar when he started to work (but not me). I always long for a jam with a simple hang out with friends.

Further, I wrote a few songs which I only kept for ages. That was the time when ABS-CBN show, Pinoy Dream Academy became the talk of most music enthusiasts. Yeng Constantino has really inspired me when she had written a beautiful song, Hawak Kamay. From that moment on, I started following her pages on Facebook. Yeah, I’m her huge fan. Oh by the way, there’s a girl who also rocks my heart – Avril Lavigne. I love her songs and the way she fashionably wears her clothes. So emo!

Here are some of my photos, back when I recorded some covers:

I hope to record my own compositions next year (for self keeping). haha! Anyway, I haven't gotten any confidence yet (to make my songs in public). However, I'll keep this blog updated once I get the guts.
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