My Sunrise Shots At Ras Tanura Beach

The Filipino community in Qatif decided to have a beach getaway and the nearest beach is Ras Tanura. When I was in the Philippines, all I thought about Saudi Arabia was a dry desolate area (desert), camel and gasoline. Here in eastern part, you can see a few beautiful beaches and Ras Tanura is one of them.

The group grilled some fish and had a little chit-chat in cool breeze near the shore. Winter is coming that's why it's cool. While others were fishing, some were playing games on their mobile phones. But not me! I was really waiting for the sun to show up.
 golden hour capture
closer capture
The moment of the most awaited part just came out. Oh yeah, the sun showed up! I can't imagine how my eyes got so overwhelmed to see it. It's magical and stunning.
warm look with its reflection
and we caught...
the extra me
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