Filipino Community Day in KSA 2012

before the show

The Filipino Community Day held on December 7, 2012 at Cobra Amusement Park, Dammam, Saudi Arabia was an expected to be a successful one, through the work of Saudi Arabia Hiligaynon Inc. with the theme “ OFW, kabalikat ng bayan tungo sa daang matuwid!”

before the ride
Two major talents of ABS-CBN, Vhong Navarro and Jed Madela were invited for this event and I could say that their show was fun and very entertaining. I commend these two celebrities for their effort, considering the distance from the Philippines to Dammam, Saudi Arabia is approximately 4,626 miles or 7,443.23 kilometers (8 to 10 hrs. flight). Too far isn’t it? For history, it was John Estrada, Randy Santiago and Rico J Puno of Happy Yipee Yehey noon time show who came here last year and, just the same, Filipinos around Saudi Arabia were flocked into one community. (Kudos to the organizers!)
Jed Madella
Vhong Navarro
We arrived at the venue around 9:00 a.m. and saw a lot of people already. The show would start at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon so we decided to get some rides although there were so many of them who fell in line but we were able to keep our patience and gosh, we got a ride (a swing) and drove a car – the famous and exciting bump car (I remember the bump car at Enchanted Kingdom; I miss home). We felt so hungry then, but luckily, there were some food available within the venue just for 15 SAR or around 150 PHP (two viands, 1 cup of rice and a bottle of water). I guess, it’s more or less 4,000 attendees (well, that’s approximately).
more of Jed
and Vhong
Maybe, I won’t experience this next year because as of now, my decision is not to renew my contract for some reasons so, I made it a point to attend the said gathering. I was so happy to see and mingle with fellow compatriots (looking at the families with their children eating and sitting at the park). I just wonder who would be the next celebrities to showcase next year. The entrance fee is just 30 SAR or around 300 PHP; so affordable considering there are free rides.

green, blue and white in one capture
bump car

up and swing
heads were down

mini space shuttle
for kids

Here's the video while on the ride:
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