The Bachelor’s Search

There’s a bachelor who’s been not in a relationship for almost eight years as of this writing. He tried to hang out and make friends with other girls but it still didn’t give him luck. Every time he watches romantic comedy movies, he just falls in love with the movie but not to the girls. The ugly truth is, he seeks for romance. Someone he can say “I miss you and I love you.” And a girl to spend with in his ups and downs.

Many years ago, he got into a relationship. It was good at first but the ending wasn’t the same on fairytales (that’s life, case accepted). Furthermore, he’s never rush into meeting his soulmate. Again, he’s never rush. Indeed, right now he’s happy because all of his past girlfriends are his good friends (no one is bitter here). Sometimes, they chat on him asking for a piece of advice; sounds weird but that’s it.

For almost eight years, he’s been smiling, thinking about the right girl to come. But sometimes, he feels so unlucky to have no one around his arms. I can tell that he is a good day but it seems he hasn’t found one yet. That moment when he feels so alone and there’s no one to go out on a date (especially this coming February 14) makes him so helpless. Do you think he celebrates Valentine’s Day? (You guess.) Yes, he does. He gives her mom a call and greets her on this day. I guess, that’s the sweetest thing that he can do although that’s another black parade thing. Does St. Valentine hate him? It’s been eight years already though (just kidding here).

Further, there’s a big fantasy that he’s been dreaming of: to date a girl in an amusement park. Okay, let’s imagine this scenario. The bachelor walks with a lady, slightly swinging arms to arms. They shout and laugh together and take pictures solo and of course a portrait of sweet memories together.

Behind this writing are questions left and wondered: Would the bachelor’s search be forever until in heaven? (Oh no!) Until when can he hold the grip and wait for the right girl?

Anyhow, let’s all enjoy the love that we get from family and friends. Value the people who love us and give them an ample time to spend together. Let’s show them the greatness of love. Show them that we care and that they mean so much to us. My hope is that the bachelor can finally meet his partner in God’s time. 
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