Reasons Why Guys Hide Their Feelings


My younger friend asked me this very one-time question: Why are other guys so naive and dork? It gave me an idea to blog about it. Thus, most of my friends are in a relationship so they don’t keep their feelings unsaid, obviously. I guess, in today’s generation it’s very rare for guys to hide their fondness and affection. Teenagers now are very vocal and so public most especially on social networking sites. In contradiction, there are still who tend to be reserved and modest. Here are top reasons:

1. Uncertainty and Ambiguousness
"I can't risk my feelings that aren’t really sure yet. I have to spend more time so I would know if she really is the one." This is the thought of a confuse guy. By nature, feelings are questioned not because of cowardice but due to its uncertainties. Most questions are phrased with, what ifs, and until whens.

2. Shmuck, so sheepish!
"Oh no, she’s here, man. Should I stay or change my way?"  This is a big sigh for you guys (including me, well, just slight, though).  "When my crush is near, I sweat and my hands get cold. I couldn’t stop the fast beating of my heart. Oh my gosh!" I know this is a flat and narrow reason, thinking about the new society we have now. But believe me, there are still who keep shivering their toes.

3. Frivolousness
"I don’t feel important and really, I’m just unworthy in her. Why should I tell her about my feelings? I’m just ridiculing myself." And he quits even if he has no any pattern of actions. He doesn't start any but he already feels rejected – a second stage of paranoid.

4. Fail Fairytale a Little Epic
"I wish I could be her prince. I wish she could be my princess." Wishes are overflowing but actions stick to a small rotation from his corner to the other end. Feelings left unsaid. Wishes don’t really come true if you stuck yourself in a room. There's no way for a guy to call someone (fairy godmother) and help him
 bridge things. 

5. Social Issues and Concerns
"She’s rich and I’m just poor. I’ll better stay away and let her find her match." This mostly happens in some movies. So sad but it really happens in reality. "We're no match, bro. She's like that (describing the gap) and it's just me, so hapless and helpless at the same time." 

6. Being Fussy and Choosy
I bet these guys are too keen to details that even a woman’s background (both family root and education) are excessively checked. They’re anxious and particular even petty details. They set standards that they think will work the relationship. And of course, they consider about social hangout with other elite friends. 

7. Geographic Situation
"I like her but it's futile considering about our location. We're not within the distance to see each other anytime and anywhere. It's hard though and I prefer not to complicate things. If we're just friends, I don't have to worry except that I might be too late to get her." There, you said it right.  

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