Conference with My Boss

Just a quick track: May 19, 2013 is the end of my contract (two years contract).
I’ve been thinking a lot about my return flight to the Philippines and this has really gotten my mind as time ticks, approaching my most-awaited reappearance. Thus, my two bosses convinced me to renew my contract since they had said I’m their precious employee and I did a very good job (oh, very encouraging huh?).

I told them that I wanted to go home on or before the birthday of my mom and it’s an absolutely more cherished because few weeks after is the wedding of my brother. They couldn’t stop me from my desire. My mother is the queen of my heart and it’s the big day of brother too.

I’ve heard a lot of appraisals coming out from their mouths. Luckily, they were my advantage. They even told me that they don’t want to lose me. For the record, for my two years here, I’ve never got any problem with my co-teachers as well as with non-teaching staff. And most of all, I’ve never got a complaint from my students and no parent has ever questioned about my capabilities.

Our first conference with the general manager was quiet nerve-wracking because I was afraid that they wouldn’t consider my appeal (about going home). But things turned out to be so easy and that all the lucks were on my hands. Instead of disapproving, they offered me a higher compensation plus the assurance of my date of flight. Oh well, I’ve been very subservient to them and I know, I deserve this.

For the record, we already had third meetings with my managers. The same scenario: they wanted me to renew a contract. All good things came out from them and they’re trying to convince me. However, I’ve already marked the sand. I’m not signing a new contract anymore. For some reasons and for what I believe is better for me. Declining their offer didn’t mean they’re not good employers or any other signs that I hate them. In fact, they’re kind, considerate and approachable.

Okay, I’m getting there. And I know I can get what I desire because Jesus has a lot in store for me. I’m all positive and hopeful and even excited for what’s ahead of me. To my mom, and my brothers, I’ll see you very soon.  

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