Farewell Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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I’m leaving the kingdom tomorrow and what I’m feeling now is full of gratitude, excitement and joy of fulfillment. God has been with me throughout the years. I want to cry and shout and say “Thank you, Lord for everything.” In my two years in Saudi Arabia, I’ve never got any conflict with my bosses, co-teachers and staff. And for that, I have to be very grateful and carry this happiness in the Philippines.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog that I’m not renewing the contract anymore for some reasons. However, my two lenient managers encouraged me to sign a new contract just in case I change my mind when I get home in the Philippines. We had a serious conversation and we came up with an agreement. There, they issued me a re-entry visa so I can enter the kingdom within six months from the date of my departure. For the record, this is the first time that they issued a re-entry visa even if an employee already declined the offer.  

My humble reflection plunges the inner core of me. I feel the confidence more boosting yet, I keep my feet on the ground. I don’t want to make this an outlet to put some bait and lure the beautiful mindset that I have. I have to venture more learning channels to feed my mind, heart and soul, instead.

Saying goodbye is the saddest part especially when you feel emotionally involved to your housemates. Two weeks ago, they threw a farewell party for me and teachers from other two branches came and brought some food. And they uttered kind words and wishes to me. Being kind to the people around you is worth doing for. Just because we have some
no time to cook
differences, it doesn’t mean I have to be different with regard to sharing the love. I have this principle in life: No matter how differences show the gap, there is always a bottom line that one should do, and that is to carve up a love.

Okay, here’s the climax of all.  Before I signed a contract two years ago, my boss told me that he would give the placement back to me if I did a very good job. Bang! Last Thursday, my boss showed up and called me. And as what I’ve expected, he gave me back the placement fee. I’m terribly happy because I can use it for my vacation budget. I thank God for the blessings.

Special thanks to my mentors Gaylor Palenzuela and Roy Rupisan for guiding me and balancing my endeavor with friendship and love of work. Thanks also to my two awesome managers, Mr. Zaki Al-Faraj and Mr. Mohsen Al-Awami. I also want to shout out gratitude to my colleagues for being with me, and understanding the moments of my seclusion and to my OFW friends in Saudi Arabia and my CFC-SFC community  for being my prayer warriors.
I'd like to share some photos at work:
my cute student

wearing my uniform with my persistent student

my intelligent student
my classroom 

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