The Beautiful City of Singapore

The following pictures were taken at Esplanade, and Merlion Park -- just a walking distance from the MRT station. When you get here in Singapore, you shouldn't miss to visit these spots preferably at night to appreciate more the beautiful city lights. Since it's not easy to just get a car here in Singapore, it's highly recommended to just take MRT. Anyway, it's very efficient and convenient when you ride the MRT here -- I swear, it really is.

The Marina Bay Sands
It's a midday shot.
Alright, you're gonna see the real beauty of the city. Below were the pictures taken at night -- as I've said, you'll appreciate the beauty of the city at night more.
Yours, truly
trying to call someone
View from the rooftop
The Marina Bay Sands
The financial capital area

How to get here? Don't worry about that. All you have to do is setback inside the MRT and get off at Raffles Place station then you can just walk around the city. Too easy, right? Now, let's move a little walk. Let me bring you to Merlion.
Merlion from afar

Making fun of the camera, lol! 
I wasn't riding a ferry, but it just seemed.

See the difference between night and day? It's more fun at night, in deed. Okay, it's time to showcase the beauty of Marina Bay Sands and Merlion.
lights show in red
and in purple show
Merlion blowing some water
another blow
view from the bridge
That's it. Our journey to the city ends here. But, expect more post about Singapore, its lifestyle, jobs, foods, other tourist destinations and culture encounter. I hope that you have enjoyed the city tour. 

Just a short trivia: Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. It is used as a mascot and Singapore's national personification. Mer is sea so they combined it as sealion.

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