The Marina Bay Sands Water and Light Show

When I was in Saudi Arabia, I was really wondering what's Marina Bay Sands like. I said to myself, "I wish I could see it up-close." Photos have been rolling out on social networking sites and it only made me more thrilled and a little startled to travel Singapore. It's like a "wow" I really wanted to go there on my vacation.

There, granted my favor. God has been pouring me tremendous blessings. A respite that I had to schedule everything since there were many activities that I had to attend to. Gladly, this Singapore trip has pushed through. I'd like to showcase the pictures that I took at Marina Bay Sands.
Inside the mall with my brother

We're trying to make fun of camera but it failed.

ah, not a good try
Outside Marina Bay Shopping Mall
The shots above were taken on a gloomy day. They're not that amazing yet because of a dull sky. Since we're up to a night trip, we spent longer at night to watch the Water and Light Show at Marina Bay Sands. We're already full just by witnessing the show because it was really astonishing and very impressive like a spine-tingling event. But the Water and Light Show shouldn't be missed as it's a highlight of the show.

The show started at 8:00p.m. You should be there at 7:00 in the evening so you can get a seat at the front as there are plenty of people who really watch and wait for the show. 

view from Marina Bay Sands
The Marina Bay Sands

Plenty of people huh?

Water and Light Show
So amazing right?

I was kind of (pause and surprised) with big eyes. I can't believe what I saw. So unbelievable! They used water to project a show. But not only that. I was able to see fireworks before the Water and Light show. I should have skipped the pictures but I realized how delighting and breathtaking to watch fireworks. The fireworks lasted for ten minutes.

How's that?
shocked to see?

It was a night packed of fun in deed! When I witnessed the show, I told myself, "I couldn't ask for more." So whenever you get in Singapore, you should not miss the show then come back here and tell me your story too. 
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