The Amazing Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur

Enchanted River is situated at Talisay, Hinatuan Surigao del Sur, approximately 35 minutes travel (by car) from Bislig City. Although the transportation isn’t that good and I would say inconvenient for commuters or even with private cars due to unfinished road project of the government. Thus, the experience of a rough road for about 30 minutes, is worth bearing for when you finally reach the Enchanted River.

Enchanted River was also featured in Matang Lawin and GMA News and the report said that the water there is unfathomable that nobody has successfully reached the very bottom of Enchanted River yet. Many divers had tried their best to measure it but to no avail.

When you see the water, it’s really bluish in the deeper part, and clearer like a crystal near the water line. According to some rumors, different species of fish are owned by forest spirits who watch over the river to protect them. But some people tend to smile at this rumor since they think it's impossible.

The highlight when you get to Enchanted River is the feeding of the fish. Hitting the hour of 12:00 at noon, sets of musicals are played and amazingly, this music gives signal to fishes that you can see them up-close gathered in the center to catch the feeds. One local throws the feeds down unto the water and that you can’t get your eyes off from the start to the very end. Mind you, these fishes are from the sea.

Just a tip: better call them first to reserve a cottage because they’re usually fully booked even on weekdays. The entrance is very cheap though I forgot to take note of that (it’s more or less than 30 I guess). Don’t forget to bring food (sea foods) to best fit the occasion and of course your goggles to get a delight of the fish in the river.  

Without further ado, here are some of the photos:

reflection of the tress makes it greenish water

bluish water in the deep

a place to be amazed and enchanted

I don't consider it a wacky though to some.

just a quick shot 

crystal clear water

look at the stunning water in the background

a not-hidden-shot

a paradise-like river

traditional sea foods

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