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So, you're here, stumbled at this page because you're a fan of Be Careful With My Heart -- a romantic and comedy noontime show of ABS-CBN before It's Showtime. If you've ever wondered where's San Nicolas, well, this place is not somewhere else. But, it's not really San Nicolas -- the name has just named for the show and not really reflected to the actual province in the Philippines. 

My bestfriend asked me to have a getaway outside our town (Los Baños) because she had no class that time and she wanted to unwind. There, accompanied her and we decided to visit Pila Laguna, which is approximately 20-40 minutes away from LB. Okay, you might be asking where's San Nicolas. There it is. Pila (a third class municipality of Laguna) Laguna is San Nicolas. Like I said above, they just made a name of this place -- something that sounds a typical name of province. 

How to Get There:

If you're from Manila routing the EDSA, take a bus from Cubao bound to Sta. Cruz -- the bus company is HM with red and white color combination bus. The fair is just more or less 100 pesos. 

And if you're in Manila from LRT, take a bus either DLTBC or Greenstar at Gil Puyat station as they both serve public transportation to Sta. Cruz Laguna.

If you're just from nearby places, take a jeep bound to Sta. Cruz.

Just tell the driver to drop you off at the Church of Pila, Laguna and from there, you can just walk going to Little Pards Chibugan and San Nicolas Souvenir Shop. On our end, we first visited the church and took some pictures there, and we dined in at the nearest pancitan/panciteria (don't miss this restaurant -- highly recommended). And from this restaurant, we headed to the shoot location. 

We're unfortunate that there wasn't any shoot that time. However, there's a caretaker of the house and he welcomed us to get inside to see and take some pictures.

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