How I Met Someone When I Got Lost

My friends have been asking me the funniest experience I've ever had here in BJ. So far, it's when I met a lady who lost her way (she's from other province who attended a conference here) and I got lost too (we both wandered a wrong way). Crazy but we just bumped to each other looking our way back.

Alright, she approached me first talking Mandarin -- she talked a lot and I was like, ugh (blank look) no way for me to interrupt her because she talked so fast. When she finally stopped talking and breathed, there, I said "Duibuqi, wu mingbai Mandarin." (I'm sorry, I don't understand Mandarin.) But before I said that, I really hope I didn't disappoint her after all she talked that long to me.  And she said, sorry. That was funny right? I wish I knew Mandarin very well so I can talk and understand her. Praise God and she can speak English.

Then, we exchanged words only to find out that we're both looking a spot to go back home. The Lord is good all the time. She sent someone to accompany me and find a nearest subway. When we finally neared the subway, we got to know each other a little, like what’s your name and where are you from and what do you do here.  After a few questions, we felt comfortable already (was there a magic?). Oh yeah! I can say that there’s a spark. It might not be love at first sight, but geez, I’ve never felt that way to a stranger before.

Finally, we got in the subway. She asked me if I have a metro card, I said, yes. I waited for her as she paid to reload her card. “Sorry for keeping you wait”, she said to me. She’s so nice and friendly though. Well, I find her cute as well. We headed down the stairs to get in to the train. As me being gentleman, I let her in first then the door suddenly closed. There, I left wondering when I can meet her again. As my eyes slowly seeing her as a small subject, I waved at her though I saw her sad too. 

Her name is Amy. Thank you, Amy. I don't know if you could read this nor remember my name. I just wish you all the best in life as you deserve.

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