Sending Money From China

receipt of charges

As an overseas worker, one of the tasks that I should get done is to send money to my savings account.  When I was in Saudi Arabia, sending money was so efficient because I sent money online through Arab National Bank and the charge's reasonable. But here in China, everything is completely different. 

My first remittance in China is successful despite of the language barrier. I was even treated like a VIP in the bank. First, I talked to a desk officer but we failed a right communication so she sent me upstairs in the International Business Department.  There, I was assisted and their staff spoke minimal English , very polite and displayed a radiant smile (just in time that I need some good vibes). 

Moving forward, she gave me a form and asked me to fill up the needed information.  She nicely told me what to write and where. She's so nice! After accomplishing this form, we headed down back to the counter (she opened the door for me and I felt ungentle because she's a lady) and I presented my passport including my residence permit just in case the bank officer has some questions about my work, where I live etc. 

Since it's my first time to exchange currency from RMB (Chinese currency) to Dollars, it took a long time for the teller to encode and register  me to their data base because they are very strict with every single detail. The spelling was scrutinized one by one and the teller was patiently doing it even if it's very hard for her to converse English. So whenever she had questions like figures or spellings, she wrote them on a piece of paper and showed me.

Back to International Business Department Agricultural Bank of China, the lady that I commended very much is Angel. Yes, I asked her English name and thanked Angel because of her great work ethics. She even gave me a card and told me to call her if ever I have questions.  To those who work  for Agricultural Bank of China,  kudos to you guys. 

Oh by the way, I sent money from Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) to my bank in my country and after a day, I checked my account online and the money got in. What a delight! 

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