I've Finally Conquered the Great Wall of China

When I was in primary school, my teacher showed me the historic Great Wall of China through history book. I was amazed and wondered "how big is it, what's it like to reach the peak of the Great Wall and see the breathtaking summit of mountains?". 

I've never imagined that I could personally make a Great Wall history -- yes, I've made it to the Great Wall of China. First of all, there are several Great Walls in China and the most famous is Badaling. Some tourists might ask:

1. How do I get to Badaling Great Wall?
2. How much is the bus fair and how far is it?
3. How much is the entrance fee?
4. What do I see at Badaling Great Wall?

Okay I'll answer these questions later. Let's tap the History first. I asked my Chinese friend about the wall just to make sure our information is authentic and not just made-up. Great Wall is made of stones, woods, bricks and other materials built along an east to west line across the northern borders of China to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusion by various vagrant groups and or military incursions by warlike forces. 

To get to Badaling Great Wall of China, take the Subway line 2 to Jishuitan and take the exit A. As you go out from the subway station,  go straight until you see the tower of Deshengmen, that's the bus station and catch the 877, 919 or 880 bus and pay 12RMB.  You should arrive at Badaling Great Wall after an hour and half depending on the traffic situation. The entrance fee is 45RMB.

Badaling Great Wall is promoted as a national cultural relic protected under the approval of the State Council.  It was built during the Ming Dynasty. It is also known as the most well-preserved section of the Great Wall. The pictures below can talk and describe how beautiful Badaling Great Wall is.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for a warm hospitality of our friends in Beijing,  Jessica and Sameen and for having us stay in their lovely abode.

Some tips:
Never bring heavy stuff and wear your comfortable outfit with your shoes (for climbing). Mind you, it's not easy to climb up and climb down, mark my words. So to be safe, hold on the handrails. Also, check the weather in advance. Don't go there if the weather is terrible. 

Lastly, just so you know we climbed the Great Wall under negative degree celcious and it's still winter so it's freaking cold. Good thing the weather was sunny. 

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