Back in the Gym and Oh, My Gosh!

Before telling you this horrible experience,  allow me to share you something. Since I came to China,  I've always wanted to go to the gym but I had no idea how and where until my colleague and friend asked me to go with her and that gave me a slap of determination. Thanks to Mars who asked me to go with her and Nancy for working on the translations and we were able to sign up. Yehey! Alright, I paid more or less USD80 for three months which is reasonable for me.

The gym is pretty decent, clean, new and with almost complete gym facilities.  It's also big so there's no need to run or rumble to get inside first.   Glasses are just around so you can see yourself anytime you like. And the best thing that I like of all is it's just situated behind our workplace.  Awesome isn't it?

Hold on because there's something creepy that I've noticed in the gym. So much for sugar and cake! I was like, oh my gosh! And double OMG! I went to men's locker room to change my clothes and the most aweful and awkward story happened. There were a few men walking around the locker completely naked. Do you hear me? They're completely naked in front me and so I pretended I saw nothing and they didn't exist. They're just shadows. I wanted to tell them "hello, this isn't your home". I know they didn't mean to disrespect because the way I noticed, it's just nothing to them.

With this drawback,  I've come up a better idea so I won't meet those guys in the locker room again. I'll just change clothes in my center and ready for work out since the gym is just behind our workplace.  

My first day in the gym wasn't that bad after all the feeling of getting back my body in good shape. Since it's my first day, I took a picture so I can see myself and my progress in the future. 

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