Positive, It's Confirmed! Got My Baby

Oh well, blessings are overflowing.  Thanks, God for this gift. I'm not really urgently dying to have a new baby but I was just giving myself a reward and it's about time since I'm not young anymore. A lot of friends told me that I deserve because I've been a very good man. Friends, meet my baby Air! Sometimes, it's good to give your self a reward to remind you of your success. 

Okay, sorry to disappoint you but it's not a literal baby. It's an Ipad Air that I call baby Air. I've been thinking whether to purchase or not but getting this tablet is worth it.  Now I can just sit down on the sofa and do things on this Ipad; on top of that, I can curl up on my bed and blog. 

One of the reasons why I bought this tablet is that, I want to facetime my mom with total convenience since we gave her an Ipad Mini gift last Christmas and she loves using Facetime because of the clearer audio and camera than Skype.

But hey, I'm not a tech blogger.  I just want to enjoy documenting this because the money that I paid came from a hard work. It's not "Hey mom could you buy me a tablet?" No, it's not like that. The last time I asked my parents to buy me something was circa 1998 and I was in primary school that time.

Okay here's the thumbs up and down side of an iPad Air. The good: iPad Air delivers better performance and upgraded battery life in an attractive thin-and-light package. Front facing camera is improved that makes FaceTiming look better and the Retina Display still looks awesome.  The bad: The fingerprint scanner that iPhone 5s has is sadly absent here so you still have to type in a passcode with every unlock and password with every purchase. 

So I bought an iPad Air Smart Cover because it does magic such that it wakes up the iPad when you open the case and it sleeps when you close it. Which means, you don't have to do with your iPad Air because it initiates first if you want to use the tablet. The price of this iPad is around USD586 at my place and they all have the same standard price of all Apple Stores in Tianjin. 

For complete details of specs, go to www.apple.com/ipad-air/specs/ 

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