Snow First Experience

I came from a tropical country so winter season sometimes delights my eyes and squeezes my skin to cold. So far the most freezing temperature here was negative 10, that's what I knew. Although my body got used of the cold weather already, I still feel shaking when the wind tries to blow me away. My friends from the west also get worried of me because I shiver and shake easily. I just tell them that my body is just active and reactive. Just because I'm from the Philippines it doesn't mean that I can't withstand an extreme cold.

I enjoyed the snowfall and it wasn't that extremely cold than I expected. Actually, it's my second time to experience snow but I was working the first time so I wasn't able to enjoy the snow outside. For that reason,  I claim it my first time. When I looked at the window, snowfall captivated my eyes and I felt like a kid enjoying whilst watching. 

It's a big luck because it's my dayoff so I took a chance to go out for grocery and to take some pictures. I don't know when I can experience snow again but I'm sure it's not gonna end here because I like to travel where I can meet new people, get a tour and experience a new culture. On top of that is the learning experiences I encounter in my journey that I always cherish.

It's still winter here as of this writing although spring sometimes takes its chances. I can't wait for the winter to say goodbye and let other seasons show off. The winter started last November 2013 and apparently it's still winter now. My friends told me that the spring starts to bloom in April which means I still have a few weeks to be patient with this cold weather. Winter isn't really that new to me since I worked in Saudi Arabia and the winter there is also extreme but not as cold as in Tianjin, North of China. Generally, I like snow as majority. But I don't like an extreme cold with negative degree celcious temperature. 

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