Spring Getaway With Hope

Spring signifies hope where trees, flowers and trees blossom. The weather is perfect, not cold and not hot though it's bright and  the sun is magnified with its rays extend through the ground. The wind also plays with its cool breeze that makes us feel comforted and calmed. In the spring, people start going out and bask underneath the sun. People are out for picnics and for coffee chitchat at Starbucks or Costa Coffee. Apparently,  I went out and spent with nature and embraced the captivating beauty of the flowers and trees. 

Just the same description,  the weather was perfect and I could say it was timely. The sun was up and the wind was whispering with a slight chilly impact.  The cold brought by the wind and the warm resulted by the sun met in between.  They knew how to be fair and square in share, perfect! 

The pictures above were taken at Tangu and Bestown in Tianjin.  We just took a subway for more or less 16 stops and an hour travel minus the buying of fair if you don't have a subway card and line transfer. Consider the long que at the subway station so better have your card ready and you don't need to pay at the cashier.  

Thanks to my friend and learning partner at work for patiently waiting me at the station. But no, I wasn't late. I just had my phone unreachable because the minutes in it were already expired. There, with my perseverance to contact them, I tried to go out to buy some load. Unfortunately,  I couldn't find a store near the station so I went back inside and tried to find them and apparently,  there were thousands of people in there. I felt hopeless and terribly sorry for the mess I did because I knew they'd been contacting me this moment. Deep inside me, I just wanted to catch up with them but I had no idea about the place. 

Long story short,  God never abandoned me on my journey.  Yes, I found them when I went up to the next floor. It's just a matter of faith.  I know it's impossible but it just worked.  Faith works when you believe in Him. If you feel like giving up, always remember that there's someone up there who is always in control of everything.  Just call Him. 

Faith always works in all walks in life... 

Spring is hope...

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