Relaxing Tianjin Water Park

My local friends had been telling me to go the Water Park because it's really famous and one of the top tourist destinations in Tianjin.  I listened and nodded.  "Alright,  I'm going there whenever I get a chance. ", I answered them. Gladly,  I felt like motivated to go out today. I usually stay at home during my days off. If I go out, I only buy groceries or hit the gym.

Living in a comfortable life, I just took a taxi from my apartment to the park because taxi fair in Tianjin is cheaper.  It cost me only 16RMB for the fair and just 20 minutes to get to the Water Park as I stay at Joy Mansion, a building that's attached to Joy City Mall. 

Pretty obvious,  I love trees and flowers.  I know it's weird for a guy to get attached to flowers but hey, I love nature and flowers and trees give me delight. Water Park is composed of lakes and islets and it has amusement park  as well. When I entered the entrance (of course we don't enter to the exit, lol!), one word that I said to myself "wow". I then smiled and felt so excited to get around the park.

Aren't they beautiful?  I meant the view is so picturesque just exactly what I needed.  Lovely, and very unwinding place. I could really stay longer here just by sitting surrounded by a beautiful nature. Flowers that smile, trees that wave and wind that whispers plus birds that complete them as a music. This park is the most beautiful park in China, so far. More photos below to quench your crave:


I told you. This place is so relaxing and beautiful.  I know you had a wow moment now. Let's high five to that! By the way, this park is also perfect for family and or sweet lovers.  You can have a boat riding or choose adventure rides like roller coaster etc. Okay, it's time for my selfies. 

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