HK Disneyland Disney Princesses Meet and Greet

One of the best magical experiences I've ever had was when I got a chance to meet and greet Disney Princesses and Mickey Friends (I am making a separate blog for Mickey Friends). Not only that I could meet them but additionally, I had a liberty to take souvenir photos with them. I didn't grow up with Disney it just so happened that I became a huge fan of them especially when I started working for The Walt Disney Company.

Being part of one of the most desired companies in the world gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy its perks. With all the smile on my face, I grabbed a chance to make my dream a reality. Thanks Disney for making my vacation so magical!

Tips: When you get to Disneyland, look for the map and the schedule of the meet and greet or you can also ask any Cast Member on duty and they are very much willing to answer your questions. Usually, you can grab the map and the schedule near the entrance.

Aurora and Snow White


Tinker Bell
If you have questions about them, what would that be and why? I was able to talk to them and they're really lovely and nice.

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