She's Lucky and so am I

I've been asked by my friends why I still have no girlfriend. This question makes me also ask myself. Yeah, why? My friends and  my new acquaintances have told me that whoever my girlfriend would be, she  is so lucky. I would personally take that as a compliment not because this is my own blog and I can say whatever I want to express but because I have faith that being a good person comes with a total package. We don't choose who we feel our hearts to be kind -- poor, rich, pretty, ugly, young and old. We have this right education but we are not licensed to play anyone's heart. A big no!

Here's the list that I and my friends think of why I have a lucky girl:

1. I don't smoke. My parents were very strict about it if we ever tried smoking, it's gonna be  world war in our family. Well, lucky to have parents like them. As I get old, I feel so blessed to never feel interested in smoking. Well, never I was.

2. I never get drunk. Seriously, I have tried tasting alcohol drinks but they're not my type. But, I drink wine. See? Still I am not loser. Beers, no. Gins, no. I can drink wine with only very less alcohol content. 

3. I've got music and sports flair. I can play the guitar and sing (just an average kind of thing). I compose songs whenever I want to. And, I know how to dance. I am thinking of dancing with my partner and serenade her. How does that sound? Awesome? Cool? Romantic? Hopefully both.

4. I am a teacher. I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers and I've got a TEFL-C Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children advanced certificate. Which means, I have a big mirror to be good to the best I can be. My personality reflects on how I teach. If I am not a good person, I couldn't be a teacher in the first place.

5. I can cook. I've learned cooking when I started living alone away from home. But it was my mom who became my inspiration in cooking because she cooks very well. I have dreamt about cooking for my future wife.

6. I am afraid of karma. This only senses that I don't want to happen what obviously can hurt me. I don't want to get hurt and so I don't wanna hurt anybody. But, I guess getting hurt is part of the process when you fall for someone. Sigh, why do we have to?

It may seem a blog for the lucky girl but the bottom line is me, being a gem of winning the right person that I've been waiting for a decade now. She's lucky but I'm luckier to have her and my heart won't fall for her if she's not the one. 


waiting for the right one
Optimistic getting Batman on my back

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