What's it Like Living in China

Bird's Nest, Beijing
China is one of the largest countries in the world. Living in China has seen to be fascinating to all expatriates. It's also an overwhelming country because of its superlatives -- the third biggest nation in geographical terms, first in inhabitants and its fast growing economy that everything is made from China nowadays. 


It has many dialects in China but their national language is Mandarin. Yes, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin that surprised many Chinese in the whole world. Alright, allow me to get to the bottom. Majority of Chinese nationals don't speak English. I have travelled to Beijing and Shanghai and met a lot of people who have zero English and it was hard at first to open up communication.

However, most students in international schools can speak English well though they still have an accent and same as those who study English in universities. Learning Mandarin is very difficult and it takes time to get yourself comfortable to speak their language. 

Cost of Living

Amazingly, if you work here in China, you can save a lot. Your salary can make ends meet and have some extra money for the future. Foods and commodities are cheaper here that certainly you will enjoy shopping around and bargain. Paying bills in China isn't really a big deal and most expats live in high rise apartments. I would recommend to live in PuDong because of its cheaper apartments and you have everything what you need in your neighbourhood, supermarkets, banks, shopping malls etc.


Just like in urban cities, China has buses, taxis and speed trains. However, you won't like to feel rubbing arms and shoulders on a subway with its crowd in peak hours rushing inside. Nevertheless, subway is the best option to get around the city.


So far, I've been living in China for more than a year and I've never experienced any unfortunate situation yet. Although I've encountered weird people on the street, still it's not a dangerous place for expats. Actually, I feel safe and not afraid to walk by. But, I surely say that big cities in China aren't safe because of its air pollution. 

The Bund, Shanghai

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