I've reached the Second Tallest Building in the World

I never knew that the second tallest building in the world is in Shanghai until I started my last few weeks stay in the city. With my heart to fulfil the remaining days, I have researched spectacular things to do in Shanghai. There, I realized that to see the entire city would really be worth experiencing for. That's when I considered getting to the top and stand on the second tallest skyscraper would really be cool!

The tallest building in the world as you know is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With that being mentioned, China in the world of competition, they have Shanghai World Financial Center built as the second tallest building in the world and the tallest building in mainland China. One quick question: Is your money worth spending for to reach the F100 of this building? I would say, yes and no, which I will explain below.

Shanghai World Financial Center (left), Shanghai Tower (middle) and Jinmao Tower (right)
SWFC, standing in the center of Lujiazui, finance and trade zone in Pudong Shanghai neighbouring Shanghai Tower and Jinmao Tower is surely worth visiting for. 

How to get there:

when you get off from subway station,  just follow the arrow going to the basement entrance

The best way to get to SWFC is by subway. Take line 2 and get off Dongchang RD station exit 4 or, by Lujiazui station (same line) and take exit 6 and walk towards the building about 10 minutes. The entrance is on the basement by the way, you won't miss it. 

Entrance Fee:

for adults - CNY120 (F94 only) CNY180 (F94, F97 and F100)
for elderly over 60 and students below 23 - CNY80 (F94 only) CNY120 (F94,F97 and F100)
for children between 80cm to 120cm tall and for physically challenged - CNY60 (
F94 only) CNY90 (F94,F97 and F100)
for kids below 80cm tall - free of charge

Considering the crowd, you barely see the view outside -- it's a matter of luck that's why some people say it's a "no". 

reaching from F1 to F94 only takes a minute
Tips: Better go there on a weekday to escape from people who like to squish although the staff controls the number of people who can join per batch. And the best time to go is in the afternoon (to feel the day and see the day light view of the city) to evening so you can see spectacular city lights of the Pearl Tower and breathtaking view around Huangpu River and the city lights, of course. 

standing in 5 degree celsius temperature

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