The World's Worst New Year's Eve Happened in Shanghai

My flight was rebooked because I have to wait for my visa -- which means, I have to stay a little longer in Shanghai. The good news is, I still have a chance to go around the international city, Shanghai but bad news, I couldn't celebrate New Year's Day in the Philippines, sad but I need to sacrifice for my future. Following the whisper of my inner self -- being adventurous for 2015 and to test how far my patience could go, I went to the most crowded places in Shanghai, East Nanjing Road and The Bund. There, as far as my expectation's concerned, it was indeed crowded in these places that I had to bump others' elbows and left no choice but to go with the flow. Otherwise, I couldn't go out from the crowd.

Unexpectedly, the crowd got really worst that it kept adding up numbers of people who persistently appeared for New Year's Eve in Nanjing Road and The Bund. And because of what being rumored around that there could be fireworks display, locals and foreigners (including myself) headed to The Bund to see a perfect view of fireworks. To my surprise, I saw people coming in and going out from the area and it was so tight so people had to wait up and went with the same flow. There were estimatedly 500 police officers deployed that time to control the crowd. Unfortunately, a number of people were as much as folded times than police officers that it led to uncontrollable crowd -- so tragic!

So disappointing, people waited for the fireworks but to no avail. There was just a countdown shown on Pearl Tower and just ordinary lights show that they had been showing to public. Some said that government cancelled the fireworks display due to uncontrollable crowd but there wasn't enough public notice so people still went to The Bund for the New Year's Eve countdown. Many people after the countdown were whining why there weren't any fireworks display. I myself started to feel regret that very moment because I waited for three hours standing and surviving an extreme cold of the wind came from the swing at Huangpu River. 

With a deep disappointment, I still had to smile not because I enjoyed disappointment but because I sarcastically endured the fun of waiting for nothing (sorry for being vague this time -- I just couldn't imagine how I survived that night). As the countdown already finished, I started to walk away from the so tight crowd but it wasn't easy. I wish I could do teleport that night! 

Few meters away from where I stood, I saw injured and fighting their lives from a tragic stampede. Humors said that throwing of coupons from a bar caused the stampede. But investigation said that it wasn't the cause of stampede. I witnessed how police officers did their best to control the crowd but it wasn't good enough. It could be a traumatic experience to see how casualties fought for their lives and got rescued. I heard a lot of them were shouting as well. I told to my self, I would never do this kind of adventure again.

With grateful heart, I consider 2015 as my second life. I could be one of the 36 dead or 47 injured people. I realized that I was so lucky that nothing bad happened to me. Going back to the tragic incident, it was very hard to get a cab simply because a lot of people were taking a cab and there weren't enough to accommodate all. Wise enough, I headed to a different place and got away from the crowd so I could get a taxi. Unfortunately, there wasn't any taxi anymore. It was just a luck, a man in his  mid 40s approached me if I wanted to get a ride. I left with no choice but to take it. 

With my desperate mind, I rode a motorcycle -- ignoring how it was dangerous because the driver took the express way. While the cold of the winter defeated me, this extreme cold was just concealed and felt every throb of my heart instead as I felt scared. Scared from what I witnessed at stampede and scared for a vehicle accident. Thank God I saw my father to the driver and just trusted him -- I arrived home safe and sound so I gave the driver extra tip. He asked me to pay 160RMB but I paid him 175RMB and he smiled at me. In this kind of situation, money isn't of a big deal but the safety is.

2015 is my second life, indeed. God gave me another chance to do better this year and learn from the past

My first Sunday mass dedicated to the departed souls and those who got injured at stampede. My praises to God also for giving me a second chance to live.

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