An Open Letter to My Future Girlfriend

Dear Future Someone,

I am so clueless when and where to meet you. But, I am certain you would be there at the time I feel God has someone for me. And when that time comes, I will go out and leave everything to find you. For now, let’s enjoy sharing our time to our family and friends. Let’s enjoy learning from them so the moment we get ourselves, we can get ahead of any circumstances and just smile of what trials may come our way.

I don’t know what things you like to do. Just so you know, I am into adventures so your attitude won’t make me surprised but amazed. I don’t know but I am willing to get along with you and enjoy in everything we do. We will share things we like to do and learn from each other – I am a teacher, but I am excited to be your student as well. Perhaps, you would be my mentor too, who knows? To tell you, I’m a fast learner and I learn from people around me regardless of their education.

Not to be picky or something, but you have to have a heart to love yourself and love others. I mean, you should have a good heart – that’s the only thing I want you to possess. Real beauty comes from within, right? If you don’t have this heart, would you be willing to surrender your past and lift everything to God? If your answer is “yes”, you will have my yes, too.

I’m not in a hurry but will you be there too, pretty please? You have no idea how I’ve wanted to hold your hands and brush your hair. I want to engage in recreation with your younger siblings, respect your older siblings and treat them as my brothers or sisters too and sincerely love your parents. Also, I would like to be a friend of your friends. Please invite me hang out with your friends, okay?

For now, let’s save our stories so the time we meet, we have endless storytelling moments. Don’t worry if you you’re not a good storyteller. When you’re with me, I’ll bring out the best in you. For now, I will enjoy dreaming of you. For now, I will save my gifts to surprise you.

That’s all for now and will surely have more to write in the future while waiting for you. Happy Valentine's Day. 
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