A Hometown Vacation That I’ve Ever Wanted

Mangagoy highway

There’s no place like home, indeed! It came to the point when you’ve been away from home for several years. You will never ever seek home until you leave… One day you will wake up missing your pillows, your bed even if it’s not comfy and your blanket even if it smelled like it’s been a few months since the last time you did a laundry. Home is where you first learn. Home is where you first experience different emotions.

At long last, my time to go back home has finally come. A vacation that I’ve ever wanted! So first, let’s take a closer look of my hometown, Bislig City in Surigao del Sur. It’s a small city with 13 districts if I was not mistaken and its primary source of living is fishing after PICOP was shutdown. When I got the chance to see the downtown, I was delighted of what I saw because it was still unchanged except for some establishments being built like department stores and supermarket.


Furthermore, Bislig City has a lot to offer most especially in tourism. I would recommend to get a tour at Tinuy-an Falls, the widest waterfalls in the Philippines with three tiers and naturally preserved that everything we see is a plain beauty of nature. Next is Enchanted River, where mysteries are always never answered exactly. Enchanted River is filled with different fishes that come out every time the care taker gives a signal for feeding time. In just a few minutes boat ride from Mangagoy Bislig, Hagonoy Island is the most promising by its natural white sand though I wasn’t able to go there because it was raining that time so it’s unsafe to get a ride by boat.

Tinuy-an Falls

Adding a list of famous destination, Pier 1 is just around the place and can be accessed just by a car or motorcycle and don’t ever miss Dampingan as they are just very close to get by. Of course, you won’t enjoy these without food. Try seafoods!

fishermen spotted and mountain in the background
colorful boats
I will never get tired of going home again. Probably this year, I can go back to the Philippines again, hopefully this Christmas in December. Lord, grant my Christmas wish as early as now. If you are a foreigner who stumbled upon my blog, wherever you go in the Philippines, you will surely enjoy the experience of being warmly welcomed by hospitality. 

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