Stunning Lenticular Sunset Clouds Showing Off My Chinky Eyes

I couldn't believe how my lucky day turned out to be this more fascinating. I was watching news when I got astounded by the sunset so I stretched through the window and amazed by what I saw. It was around 7:00p.m. when I decided to go out and bought some necessities. Living in a cozy 17th floor apartment, I could easily grab a better view of the sunset. For that matter, I took some photos from the window.

As I was buying some groceries, I noticed a different light from heaven. I looked up and witnessed God's beautiful creation. Excited to go out from the supermarket, I hurriedly bought the items and left. It was my first time to feel this kind of awe. The pictures below would be so evident that nature when its peak could totally get you.

It's indeed a privilege to travel and teach! These amusement and majestic skies were only visible in the new district of Huludao according to some friends who wondered why they didn't see any interesting colors in the sky.

The heaven must be hosting an art gallery this time and the best thing of all, the exhibit was free of charge. Those who got out from their sofa and joined the exhibit were in deep admiration of the nature.

With or without these colors, I will always be a big fan of nature colors! Not because I am a nature lover, but because nature always gives me a boomerang of who I am. I see things beautifully!
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