A Weekend Team Building at the Beach

Huludao beach in the evening
It was a tough week and I’m glad it already ended. As I mentioned in my previous post, I did demo teachings of all my classes in front of their parents to show off how I roll up my classes and what teaching strategies I use for kindergarten kids.

So much words to say about work, let’s take them aside and remain them afloat. This time, it’s about a reward of the hardwork and perseverance we did for the past weeks. The school director announced that we had to celebrate birthdays for the month of July and it happened to be my birthday and the school principal’s birthday too.

My coteacher (who just quit her job today) picked me up to go to the beach with one other coteacher in the car. So kind of her to volunteer of drifting me some transportation convenience. She seemed to nice though. Sad that she had to quit her job – we’re still in touch. Anyway, life must go on.
starting the fun already

 Gathered around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was bright and up and the temperature hit to 30 degree celsius maximum. It was a perfect day to feel the summer in the north. This event turned out to be our team building as we started with games and I was the photographer, again. I was the only guy at school so it’s awkward to compete with girls.

The first game was Splash Water on the Face. It is played by two with rock scissors paper. The winner then grabs a cup of water and splashes it on the face of the opponent. The latter can cover her face, too. It was so much fun and I couldn’t imagine myself drowned by water.
having fun at Huludao beach

The second game was Carry Some Water. It is played by two groups. Everybody runs through the beach and gets water then runs back to the base and pours out the water in the container. The team who gets much water on a container wins. It was fun, too and fit for a physical exercise. Some participants used their bare hands to catch some water while other used their clothes to absorb water – good strategy, indeed.

After the games, we sat around the table and felt the beach and ate some nut and beans. Later then, we pushed back to get our barbecue started. The barbecued foods were tasty. The sauce used was just perfect.
the most delicious barbecue I've ever tasted

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