Birthday Surprise at School that Made Me Speechless

when you see my lunch next to the cake...

I have to start my blog by thanking God for the overwhelming blessings I got.I didn’t expect much of the blessings but He blessed me so lavish that it’s even hard to explain how I felt today. I could count 1- 1,000 without stuttering my words. But… sometimes, the feeling is indescribable. 

Working on a Thursday at school didn’t give me discouragement to be thankful for what God has given me and didn’t question the universe why my birthday always falls on a weekday. In fact, the work today was amazing. It fuelled me much strength of enthusiasm and passion to teach my classes – joy overloaded, to say a few. 
My cheeks were painted by white icing.

If you’ve read my previous blogpost, I mentioned about my unpalatable situations. I’ve been trying my best to put more love at work as I needed to adjust to a new environment and new work system. I am not saying I have already got passed the situation. Challenges are always on our way. If there’s none, we won’t surely grow. We won’t get our better version. 

Today, while I was having lunch, my coteachers and staff went in to my office and greeted me birthday greetings with a cake and candles on it. I was surprised and literally shocked. I did not know how to react from the surprise. I love to surprise people but I don’t know how to deal when I am the one being surprised. Oh, my gosh. I could still recall how my face was blushing. Yes, I would admit, I was shy when they handed me the birthday card and sang me a birthday song. I felt I was so dumb that my wits lost its spark. Sad, but I was so speechless.
Everyone wrote birthday greetings inside this card.

Enough with the embarrassment! Birthday is also a perfect time to reflect on things that have been going on. I’ve realised that I have to be more open to my colleagues. They are not perfect but they are nice persons. It’s my first to receive a birthday surprise at school, seriously and I would never ever forget this day – these people made me speechless for the first time of my teaching career. 

Wherever we may be, we have two choices to show. Either love or hatred, show the former and never the latter. For when we plant seeds of love, we will reap the fruits of love. They may not be the same love but they are all part of the process for us to feel the love and love even more.

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