How to Survive a Less Preparation Demo Teaching

warming up the kids
I’ve been enjoying teaching at my school – simply because the kids are so loveable. I love teaching and seeing them with joy on their faces makes me very fulfilled and comforted already. Until my principal surprised me to handle demo classes and guess what, it’s only a day preparation before the demo classes.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s just a day preparation and I didn’t know the transitions of the video. I am a type of teacher who is well-organised and get agitated to crappy work. On the other hand, I love it when I am given a task with days ahead preparation because I prepare and deliberately design my job with a quality that my students deserve.
I faced the parents down
Here’s the worst part of it, I had to buy materials for a scheduled demo for the next day and I was like… seriously? How much time left did I get before the demo class? None actually. I slept late and woke up early to prepare my materials and master the content. Their excuse of giving me this task was that, I am an experienced teacher, doing demo classes in front of the parents. Yes, I did have lots of teaching demo classes but I got informed and prepared ahead of time.

If only

If only they knew considerations.
If only they knew how to organise things better.
If only they knew how to inform ahead of time.
If only they can provide me the materials for my demo classes.
If only they could show a little support.

But, these ifs were just temporal. I can’t control the situation but I can control my response from these situations. In a scale of 1-10 (10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest) I gave my demo classes 8. The 2 percent should be for room of improvements. There, I embraced the situation and persevered. I remained optimistic despite of the negativity at school.
there's no way to give up
Today, I finished the remaining two demo classes. It was great to finally got myself out of stress. It makes me relieved to know it’s over. Yes, seriously, I am so glad. 

Thank you

Thank you for the problems they gave me. For without them, I wouldn’t get myself to the next level. I endured and enjoyed. I stretched my smile in front of the kids. I laughed with them, too. Thank you to my school for showing me less support and I realised I  still need more support. Thank you that I experienced stress again and because of it, I value each happiness that comes my way. 

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