A Foreigner’s Story and Tips About Taobao

shoes I bought on Taobao
I was amazed when I learned a fellow Filipino has a Taobao account and buys items using her bank account without any help from Chinese friends. Since then, I got interests to register on Taobao.. But things were not that smooth and easy as you think. I’ve tried creating my Taobao account but it kept me going back from the top – everything’s in Chinese so it was very difficult to fill in the needed information.

However, my perseverance did not stop there. I used Google browser to enable me register as this browser automatically translates anything in English. So there, thanks to translations – even if it’s not perfect, it still is a big help to get things done. Once your taobao has been created, you will receive an email for verification – just click the link and log in your account.

Registering Taobao

Let’s say you have already a Taobao account. The next thing to do is get an Alipay. Just go to their website and create an account. Same thing, everything is in Chinese so using Google Chrome is the best way to navigate the website – you’re lucky if you have a VPN account to access Google. In creating Alipay, prepare your passport and mobile number. Tip: use email enable to register Alipay and not by mobile phones. For this reason, using your email will enable you register as a foreigner and not to require you a Chinese card. Make sure your Chinese bank enabled the Internet banking or it won’t work. Link this bank to your Alipay and you’re good to go.

You’re welcome! Back to my story, I bought a guitar stand, pick up and badminton shoes on Taobao and they were all successful. Transactions were smooth. The pictures posted on their shops we’re all the same when I got the items. Amazingly, they’re way cheaper. Thank you, Taobao! Alright, always remember to put your address in Chinese and not in English or Pinyin or it will confuse the seller where to ship your items, seriously, no kidding here.

Buying Items on Taobao

Again, use Google Chrome to navigate the website to enable you get around with enough understanding of shopping online. Search the items you like and choose the size or color that fits your preference then hit the buy button. You will be directed to the page with details of your mobile number and address where the package is to be sent and the seller’s address and contact information too. Next, confirm the payment and type your password. You should see a notification that you bought this item. Also, you will receive an SMS notification about the payment you had incurred.

Receiving Items From Taobao

Log in your Taobao account later. You have the option whether to send a message to the seller or not. But I would recommend to send a message to the seller first and ask about the items if they are available or not. Most often, I add the item to my cart first until I got the seller’s response. That’s the only time I buy the items. I have experienced, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 case only to find out the color was not available. The seller sent me a message and recommended me a different color, instead. I told her I wanted the item exactly what’s on your post. Honest enough, the seller couldn’t find anything the same so she told to request for a refund and I did.

Back to your Taobao page, click “View My Taobao”. You should be able to see details of your package by tracking it. If your package already arrived, go back to your Taobao and click confirm receipt – this is to notify the seller  you have received the package.

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