Swimming With Filipino Teacher Friends in China

selfie before heading inside the swimming pool

It was Saturday supposed to be our badminton day but we seemed to be missing some members. Others are still on their vacation and some friends are having their summer camp. To make the most of our weekend, the group decided to have a swimming, instead. I headed then to meet the group.

We left home at 2:45 in the afternoon and arrived the venue at exactly 3 o’clock. Amazingly speaking, it is easy to get around in Huludao because it’s just a small city and getting a taxi here isn’t difficult. When we got to the place, we saw a lot of groups heading too and patiently waiting the line. 
the water fun started

Patience that we had that time wasn’t really challenged. We got lockers for our stuff pretty easy and paid the entrance fee at 50RMB each.  We already took a shower before leaving our apartment but we had to go through shower again as a courtesy. 

Not to be surprised, the swimming pool was crammed that we needed to swing smartly not to hit somebody. Although the place was big, it still wasn’t enough to serve plenty of people. Nonetheless, the crowd started leaving after a few hours. That was the best time we had to take some swim laps. The benefits? We burned some calories. I might guess we burned hundreds of calories.
lights, camera, action

As the place got lights turned on, we only stayed until 6 o’clock because the water seemed to be getting colder. The fun did not stop from swimming. We headed for a barbecue dinner outside. The foods were delicious but it took them so long to serve. Anyway, it was still fun knowing you’re with fellow educators telling different stories in personal life and work related issues. 

We had our dinner finished at a quarter to 10 at night. Everybody felt sleepy and tired. We dispersed with amazing memories together. 

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