Reasons Why I’ve Never Gotten a Girlfriend

boarding at the airport a few years ago in Saudi Arabia
I have been asked the same question: "Why are you still single?" "Maybe you're so picky!" These are just a few of what I've been getting from friends and acquaintances. I'll go straight, too! As a professional and good-looking guy (ugh, that’s how my family teases me) though it doesn’t really boost my confidence in courtship. Making myself wonder, “yeah, why?” Why women don’t see me as a boyfriend material or a prospect? I asked myself and I did realise the answers of these why questions that I will explain later of this post. I still can’t believe I told myself I am good-looking. Besides, this is my blog. Freedom of speech! I'm sorry but I have to fatten my self-confidence. Support me, please?

Envy and lonesome feelings are honestly popping into my mind. When I see a sweet couple holding hands while walking in the park and eating dinner in a fine dining restaurant… Stop it. Enough with your sweetness, guys. Be considerate c’mon. But these of course are just uttered inside my mind. Behind these feelings is happiness to witness the product of love. Just so you know, I’m a big fan of love.   

a pose of outfit for the day in my apartment taken last week for church
Alright, let’s start the deep conversation now. When I first ventured my heart to love, the very issue why they didn’t work out was distance. Perhaps, the love was just premature that it failed to overcome the gap. I was in college when I first had a real girlfriend. Yeah, I never had a chance to have a girlfriend in high school. I was this kid who just hid in the corner and afraid to take chances of simple his and hellos (though I wrote love letters with all my cheezy lines that they called it corny). 

Going back to the issue, I have this distance problem that has been stopping me. I like this girl but the distance is apparently a hindrance. I can’t seem to woo someone online. I am here in abroad and she’s in the Philippines. Inside me is wishing to date her when I get back home and spoil her with the love that God has given me. It’s really hard to pursue someone online isn't it? It’s hard to go for courtship where distance is a problem.

It’s been hard, really. But love can wait… I'm all optimistic that soon love will find its way. For now, I will work while waiting for the right person at the right time and I won't get tired for her. 

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