First Spectacular Autumn Experience

autumn leaves 
I still couldn’t believe I could experience a beautiful and romantic autumn. It seems that I came out with some lucky charms with nature. When I was in the Philippines, I had dreamed about touching leaves in the autumn and see the red, brown and yellow colors of trees. I wanted to feel what it’s like to have experienced the fall season as Philippines doesn’t have autumn.

With all high spirits, I went out in October exploring the city. I was cycling to the nearby park from my apartment and to my surprise, I did see some leaves falling from the trees but they’re all yellow (still amazing). I stopped and felt every drop of the leaves and thought that my dream was slowly unfolding.

finally touching the leaves in the fall

The nature adventure didn’t stop there. Of course, I went up to the other side of the park because I was positive I could spot different colors of the autumn. I was a hundred percent sure of that as I could overlook the park from my apartment on 17th floor and just a little pedal of my bike, there, I was speechless to witness the falling leaves in red, brown, orange, brown and yellow colors. They’re falling on the ground and I even caught some of them from the trees.

lovely autumn in the background

Nature is apparently the love of my life in abroad. I felt like a kid that is already okay with one candy and nature is my candy. I’m already okay with dating myself with the nature. I know for some reasons, it’s more fun to have somebody with nature. I know in God’s perfect time, I will bring a special someone for another nature adventure.

By history, it’s my first autumn experience and as the saying goes, “There’s a first time for everything.” My first amazing snow experience also, here.

closer look of the background with a touch of dream
autumn in full

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