The Fetching Scenic View of Panjin Red Beach

I love being spontaneous because it is where I go when I don't have to stagnate an old routine and shift to new adventures such us meeting new people, discovering new places and tasting new provisions. Life is full of colors so try different ones!

Being a nature-lover, in as fast as a second, I easily decided to go for another nature adventure. This time, I dropped all my thoughts out and emptied my mind. All what I saw was the beauty of nature. Red Beach in Panjin is a gem!

Sighting from the same province, Panjin isn't that far from where I live so I only took the train. I left Huludao City in the morning at 11:20 and arrived Panjin at 12:20PM. Earlier this journey, I got some help from good people. I went to the South Railway Station of Huludao with my very limited Mandarin, of course, it's a nerve-racking to buy tickets to non English speaking countries. 

Trying to be understood, I spoke very slowly with all the gestures and thankfully, I was able to purchase a one way ticket. He was supposed to give me the slow train ticket but I insisted the fast train only to find out I got the wrong station but someone explained me, the person behind me who spoke minimal English. I was able to purchase the ticket, not a problem but next time, I should head out to the North Railway Station.

Being thankful, this guy who helped me sort out the ticket, accompanied me to the bus station made totally convinced that goodness falls to people who believe in good things. Thank God good people do exist. By then, inside the bus I met another guy heading for Shanghai; we had a little conversation over a cup of coffee while waiting for our train. The perk of travelling alone is that, it is easier to meet new people along the way. Take chances of making friends of the local and even to tourists. Not only you develop your social skills, but also the adventure of having new people in the history of your journey.

By the time I arrived in Panjin Railway Station, I immediately went to the nearest convenience store and bought food and drinks for my lunch. I heard you. My budget was pretty tight because I had to take taxi going to the Red Beach alone and hired this taxi for the entire tour. It took me an hour to get to the Red Beach which to me, it's okay to pay the driver for 100RMB for one way.

Getting at the gate, I got off the taxi and went to the counter to pay 85RMB for the entrance fee. Peeking from the gate, I can tell, you can not just walk through. Thus, there are two options either  you join the  local tourist and ride the bus or hire a taxi. I did the latter because I did not know how and where to join them.

I guess I don't need to elaborate more as the pictures can vividly describe how much it is alluring to travel here. The unique red sea where plants freely show off their beauty to the visitors and the walks that you can have as much as you like. This is apparently one of the beautiful places I've ever been to in China. Definitely worth travelling around! 
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