Discrimination Should Be Stopped

I typed discrimination on Google.com

One moment I could be happy about before I was birthed was my family of being Catholics. I live with strong family ties even if we’re not together under one roof now and that we are apart ocean to ocean. Our love remains the same, oh it’s even deeper. Thanks to the Internet and we can easily get connected. 

My family has never taught us to discriminate anyone. Discrimination isn’t even in our vocabulary when we were young. Simply, it’s in our hearts to respect regardless of who the persons are. We’re trained to respect the janitors in the same respect we give to the CEOs. 

Discrimination wasn't that big word to me until I left my country. There, it all started when I gave my dedication to the world of making a difference through education. Life can be cruel sometimes even if you impart yourself to them so you have to get back up and fight the good fight of faith. If you fall ten times, get up stronger twenty times and defeat ‘em all by your good dispositions.

Definition and When it is Flagged as a Discrimination

Discrimination is treatment or consideration of or making a distinction in favour of or against a person of thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing is perceived to belong to rather than on individual merit. – Wikipedia

Basically when you’re treated unfairly because of your status as a person, that’s when discrimination occurs regardless of what reasons beneath. For example at work, it happens a lot when an individual is discriminated due to any number of factors including race, skin color, national origin, gender, disability, religion and age.

With the recent hot issue in the Philippines, people’s champ Manny Pacquiao remarks on same-sex marriage whom he claimed he’s against with it, a lot of LGBTs have been shaken and the world expressed different opinions. I don’t think it’s a rightful manner for Manny to compare gays and lesbians worst than animals. Well, he clarified Manny is not against with them but their acts are.

How It Feels Being Discriminated

I condone to those who were hurt. I have friends who are gays and lesbians and they are fun to be with. I don’t think that Catholics or any religions are happy to see someone being discriminated in this unkind society. I don’t think Jesus chooses who to love. I don’t think the Pope selects who can be his followers.

I’ve been in China for nearly three years and discrimination here is getting often and that I prefer not to be detailed about it as China is big and I can’t say for everybody nor can I see everything.

However, I could easily spot in the education industry. People here are so obsessed with skin color and accent regardless of capability to teach and education as long as you are blonde. You can’t teach well? No problem as long as you have blue eyes. You don’t have a college degree? No problem as long as you show up to the school and be our front face to the parents. 

I pity to those Asians that are highly qualified teachers being rejected over whites. My friends from other countries also whispered me of the same situations. They were also discriminated because of their skin color. 

When I was in Tianjin, China, I encountered terribly racists people who happened to be my bosses and I couldn’t be happier enough to be transferred in Shanghai. Still I met a few times of discriminations from parents but when they witnessed the way I taught their kids, they’ve realised something in me of why the kids loved me. Additionally, my manager fought with me and I felt there was someone who encouraged me and supported me from my back. 

Discrimination Happens Behind the Door

Philippines has two national languages, Filipino and English and if you’re a foreigner who wants to visit the Philippines, you are home because everything is in English. Basically, Philippines is the number one English speaking country in Asia. Unfortunately, there are close-minded people and that I would elaborate below. For the sake of English awareness, Philippines is the world's best country in business English, beating all the native English speaking countries.

How would you feel if they would never care about how you feel? Apparently, the previous teachers who worked at my school were from America and South Africa. It was a struggle for me to compete for quality over quantity, physical over mental. I’m just glad, I’ve got the love of my students and their parents in opposite feelings I’ve got from my school.

Another school year is coming and the school is up to something to get more kids enrolled and what they did was shockingly disappointing and discriminating. Disappointing in the sense that after all what they had experienced with the previous foreign teacher, she was still hailed and advertised to the parents. This white foreign teacher is on the school advertisement and guess what, the school advertisement is published almost everyday. I wonder how would the parents think to see the previous foreign teacher on the advertisement knowing she’s already teaching at a different school. And worse, if potential parents ask, “where is your foreign teacher from? I saw the advertisement she’s a white woman.” 

Also, I am concerned about what would the parents think of why the previous white teacher being featured on our school advertisement. They could have featured the teachers who have stayed and extended their services at school or employees who have renewed their contract. I have already felt the parents' appreciation but the school has made a totally foul move against me. Worst, the school made a list of all employees with pictures on the board. Guess what, they didn't include me and their lame excuse of course, I was on leave when they made the employees board. Great!

With all this situation, you’re the current Foreign Teacher but not even a glimpse they advertised you. Again, discrimination is there. Who can teach them about professionalism at school? They could have advertised the longtime resident teachers. Sigh. They don’t care about your feelings though. So many things to teach them but I feel hopeless already. 

I would pretend nothing happened and remain professional at my work. I would never stoop down my level of professionalism. Yes, that's it. I am a professional and I would consider this unethical situation as a challenge to surpass it despite of their shameless racist demeanor for the sake of money. Their selfishness is something I can think of why foreign teachers didn't not stay longer.
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