Confrontation About Discrimination and Racism at School

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Discrimination has been happening around the world. As a teacher myself, I would be glad to be an ambassador to stop discrimination. It has to end, folks. It’s dirty. It’s a powerful that can ruin everything not to mention the soul of a person being discriminated. Someone should speak up against discrimination!

As they say, you may not understand why discrimination is a serious matter until you’re being the subject of it. I have travelled for a couple of countries and I can see a glimpse, discrimination is there. I watched documentaries and I could also imagine myself being there on their toes, hiding the pain of being discriminated. Read my story about discrimination here: Discrimination Should be Stopped

Facing the Giants

When you’re being confronted by the said issue, hold on to your self and don’t let your emotions take control over your mind. There is a heart, use it. First hand, try to avoid the confrontation until it has been turned out to be realised how the issues had happened. Give the other party (persons involved/community/company/school) a time to reflect as much as you would like to reflect on. If you’re not ready and you feel uncomfortable to confront the issue, give some space until you’re ready. Don't just rush in and battle with them.

There are plenty of ways to be confronted and when that time happens, express yourself if they haven’t realised how and why discriminations occurred in the very first place and why it hadn’t stop from happening. 

How to Deal Discriminations

Listen carefully… Think of the people who care of you the most. When you’re a teacher, be surrounded with your colleagues who value your worth if none (sorry for that), I am very sure you have students who make you happy. Give your time to them. Teach like it’s already the end of the day and forget what’s going on outside your classroom.

Discrimination could happen at work and staying professional is a big challenge -- don’t drop names as much as possible. Blaming won’t matter and never will solve the issue. Sometimes you want to release your anger and depression. Be careful. Don’t let this whole thing define your personality. Be brave and strong. If you can’t handle the heat, it is better to take a leave until the situation is not on fire or whenever you’re ready to face them.

Conflict Resolution

Apparently, it’s hard to get apologies from racist people most especially if they're on the management who have so many alibis and lame excuses. Tell them, “ take responsibility of your actions”. Well, it’s about time to teach society and get rid discrimination. Skin color, race, sex, all of these are just ridiculously shallow to define someone’s capability.

Here’s to be ready about. If they don’t apologise to you, do not give up to your stand. You are doing this not only for yourself but also for them. Teach them a golden lesson in life.

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