Britania Group of Islands in Surigao del Sur Island Hopping

one of the islands that captured my heart
Summer is soon to end but the memory of every glance I’ve made out of the pictures is still sealed mint and pristine that I hope to last it longer than I can imagine. However, some say nothing lasts forever so before the summer fades, let me share with you some things I loved at Britania group of Islands.

You might happen to hear it or not, these ravishing islands are all situated in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, a province full of tourist destinations from fresh waters to sea waters along with gracious delicious sea foods.
taking a nature selfie
Just a four-hour travel by bus, I left my hometown at 4:00 o’clock in the morning with a friend and exactly the time we hit the highway, we saw the bus approaching us, just a good day to start a lucky ride. 

towering coconut trees on the island making it more beautiful
We arrived in the resort around eight o’clock and requested for a breakfast at La Entrada view deck. It was very quiet since it was Monday and I felt like we were the only ones in the resort. The breakfast was just 150 pesos per set and it had coffee already. While enjoying the meal, I asked the staff to cook lunch for us and bring on the island. If I could remember it right, I paid around 800 pesos for four delectable foods with drinks.

stepped on smooth sand and another island in the background
To have an island hopping, I had to rent a boat which cost me 1,500 pesos for a day tour. Not bad, though as I’ve got to get around to different islands and I think the price was worth it, in my opinion. 

Magneto and Superman had nothing to do with this picture 
                                How to Get to Britania Group of Islands
From Butuan Bancasi Airport
Option 1: Take direct van from airport that will take you directly to San Agustin. (350 pesos - 3-4 hour trip)
Option 2: Transfer to Butuan Bus Terminal, Take bus going to Barobo Terminal. From there, ride another bus going to Tandag and ask the driver that you want to get off at San Agustin.

From Davao
Option 1: There are buses headed for Butuan that also pass by Mangagoy/Bislig. Get off from there then you may take bus going to San Agustin.
Option 2: Take buses bound for Tandag and ask to be dropped off at San Agustin.

If you're coming from Manila, I would suggest to take the Butuan trip to San Agustin.
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