Pangasinan Summer Escapade

It was summer and most of the travel agencies were offering low-cost tour packages just to get ahead from other agencies. So, I have tried to search online and look for which was offering reasonable price. Without struggle, I  found Astrokid Travel and Tours and got connected with their staff. Traveling alone won't be a problem since they welcomed joiners.

Not procrastinating, I gave them a call right after I saw their advertisement. There, the transaction was fast. I went to the bank and deposited Php 2,500 for the whole package of accommodation and tours, except for lunch and dinner which I thought it’s a hassle for us to look for food in the area which was time wasting. On the other hand, it was also good to have some food adventure.

Having a wise van driver, the itinerary was not followed. What he did was, he took us to the farthest destination so we wouldn’t need to go around again and again. I guess he’s been in this work for a couple of years already. What I disliked was my room. I’ve got a shared accommodation by two others whom I didn’t know personally good thing they were nice, too. I could have a cottage instead but there were couples so they couldn’t be separated and the others were all females. If only I knew the situation ahead, I could have upgraded my room but to no avail.

Time happened so fast that I was not even prepared, I did not have any clothes for swimming. Left no choice but to use what I got instead ( I wish to buy rash gear and aqua shoes for next beach getaway). And my next project would be GoPro as a birthday gift as well. I never bought something for myself yet because I wanted to buy once I get back home. I guess getting a GoPro is worth it most especially for someone who likes to document action memorabilia.

Overall, it was a great summer experience, I could say, one of the best escapades if not the best. I never thought I could ever mingle to strangers easily. 

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