Cebu Travel Adventures Expenses and Itinerary

swimming with a whale shark in Oslob

Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in Central Visayas just an hour flight from Manila with more than 150 beautiful islands in the region. The dialect spoken by its people is Cebuano also called Bisaya. So, why I chose Cebu?

I was in Cebu back in 2006 but just a quick visit and I never had any chance to get around the place. Cebu, either you head down to South or go up North is still worth a visit. As for first timers, I would suggest to go for the Southern Cebu. I really had an amazing nature adventures in Cebu!

South Cebu Travel Tips

Groups or solo travellers, we all want to lessen our travel expenses so travel with a group! Wait, you might be asking me, how I had a group to travel with knowing I did a solo travel in Cebu. Okay, yes, I am a solo traveller. But, I usually join groups to travel with. How? I availed a tour package at Turnt Tours for joiners’ tour. Check their Facebook page here: TURNT TOURS

Now, let’s go down with the figures, I know you want it. How much is for a solo joiner? It’s 6,800 pesos with free use of GoPro and drone shots. A bit pricey but I find it reasonable for two days and 1 night. If you travel with two or more friends, the better and lower the expenses you will pay so better invite some friends, don’t go solo, like me! Haha. Kidding aside, 6,800 could go down if you travel with someone.

Tour Inclusions:
* Boat Fees
* Environmental Fees
* Whaleshark Fees
* Entrance Fees
* Airconditioned Private Transportation
* Life Jackets
* Snorkeling Gears
* Canyoneering Fees
* Safety Helmet for Canyoneering
* Government Fees
* Use of GoPro
* Drone/Aerial Shots (For 4 persons and up only)
* Travel Compilation Video
* Tour Facilitator/Driver
* 1 Night Airconditioned Accommodation ( Casa Solmar/Rising Sun Pension)
* 1 FREE Lunch
* Tour Guide
* Motorbike Transfers

Kawasan Falls, Badian Cebu
Travel Destinations:

* Pescador Island
* Coral Encounter
* Chasing Turtles (Weather Dependent)
* Dolphin Watching (Weather Dependent)
* Sardine Run
* Moalboal Whitebeach (Sunset)
* Badian Canyoneering
* Kawasan Falls
* Swing and Slide at 3rd Level of Kawasan
* Swimming with the Whaleshark
* Tumalog Falls or Sumilon Island Sandbar
* Fish Spa at Tumalog Falls
* Oslob Heritage Park
* Cuartel Ruins
* Osmena Peak
* Simala Castle Church
* Carcar Chicharon Pasalubong Stores

Sounds cool, right? Message Dave on their Facebook page and read reviews as well. Ask them about their joiner’s tour schedule and reserve a slot. Reservation fee is 2,000 php then pay the balance during departure. Added bonus is that, there is a hotel pick up. Inform them where you stay and they will pick you up for departure. That’s the kind of thing will call, hassle-free!

Kawasan in its gatorade waters
Will I go back to Cebu? Yes, I will. Aside from the fact that the cost of living in Cebu is cheaper than in Metro Manila, getting by the city is easy and not that congested yet. No MRT and LRT just buses, jeepneys, taxis and multicabs for transportations.

Here’s the itinerary:

3:003:30 AM Assembly
3:306:00 AM Estimated Time of Departure to South Cebu/Breakfast Own Account
6:009:00AM Moalboal Island Hopping
9:3010:30AM Moalboal White Beach
11:0012:00NN FREE Lunch
12:005:00PM Canyoneering Adventure, Kawasan Falls
5:307:30PM Arrival Oslob / Check-in Accommodation
Day 2
5:005:30 AM Wake Up Call Freshen Up
5:306:00AM Breakfast/ Arrival Oslob Briefing Area
6:007:00AM Whaleshark Activity
8:009:00AM Tumalog Falls/Fish Spa
9:0010:00AM Back to accommodation, change clothes freshen up
10:0011:00 AM Oslob Heritage Park
11:0012:00 NN Lunch
12:302:00PM Arrival Dalaguete for Osmena Peak
2:003:00PM Osmena Peak
3:005:00PM Simala Castle Church
5:008:00PM Travel back to Cebu City (time of arrival will depend on traffic)

Bonus: Where to stay in the city?
For budget accommodation, try Elicon House Cebu. Small room with AC but their WIFI isn’t stable. If you only sleep there and are out most of the day, this place would be just fine. Location is perfect, as well.
If you’re not tight on your budget, I would recommend Golden Prince Hotel and Suites Cebu City just located near Ayala shopping mall. The hotel has a fitness gym for complimentary only. A little further in distance, you may try Castle Peak Hotel Cebu and enjoy their bigger and comfy rooms. Castle Peak has Swimming Pool and Gym if you’re looking for some relaxing and fitness time.

Tumalog Falls cascading my inner power
back to my hotel in Cebu City
Simala Church
drone group picture

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