Siquijor Travel Tips and Adventures

Cambugay Falls aerial shot

Siquijor is a small province of Negros Oriental located in Central Visayas region also known as the island of witchcraft. But, the main reason why tourists go there is its magnificent nature. This getaway place is just tiny away from the bustle with fresh air, cleaner beaches, and amazing waterfalls.

As years go by, the witchcraft stories in Siquijor are becoming less popular in this generation of millennial; it remains a mystery. Puzzles are still there unsolved. When I asked my tour guide, he said that he never encountered witches but just heard some years ago. There has been a superstitious belief that when someone taps you, you have to tap back that person to counter the black power or avoid the bad luck or unexplainable illness.

However, from the way I observed, people in Siquijor are nice and welcoming. My tour guide has even given me a cute Siquijor souvenir. Not only that he helped me watch for my things (because I had to swim), and also he took me some photos and videos.

Unfortunately, I only took a day tour in Siquijor because it’s just a small island. But, I’ve been told that to make the most of my trip, I should have taken an overnight stay.
I was in Dumaguete for my Apo Island and Manjuyod tour so I took a ferry from there to Siquijor. Travel time is from one hour to two hours it depends on which ferries, regular or fast craft. The rates also vary from 120 to 250 pesos. Senior citizens and minors have discounts.

Welcome to the Mystical Island of Siquijor
The best way to get around the island is to charter a tricycle or a motorcycle. It only costs you from 800 to 1500 pesos for a day trip. Consider this option as there is no taxi or bus in the area. By these numbers, the driver will take you to the tourist spot destinations. You can either drive or have the guide take you whatever works for you.

  •  Cambugahay Falls
  •  Paliton Beach
  •  Century Old Balete Tree
  •  Salagdoong Beach
  •  Guiwahon Spring Park
Salagdoong Beach 

1.  Cliff Jumping in Salagdoong Beach – Don’t miss it or you will never experience the ultimate fun in Siquijor. But, it takes a brave spirit to tick off this bucket list. Just jump and don’t think twice! (only for swimmers)
2.  Tarzan Jump in Cambugahay Falls – If you think you don’t live in the ancient world, you are definitely missing Tarzan. Do the Tarzan Jump of a lifetime and plunge in the refreshing Gatorade waters.
3.   Rent a Scooter – just like I said, in order to get around the area you have to ride the fun. Meet friendly locals, party with them but always drive safely and oh, don’t drink. Don’t forget your helmet.
4.   Take lots of Instagram-Me-Time Photos – Siquijor is not exploited yet so take some time to enjoy solo moments with nature. Enjoy the fresh air. Eat local delicacies.
5.   Relax Your Feet – The most amazing way to experience foot spa in Siquijor is at Century Old Balete Tree where you get tickled by tiny fish and some bigger ones. I even shouted when I dipped my toes in the water. Enjoy the fish spa session!


Salagdoong Beach entrance fee is 50 pesos. 
Cabugahay Falls is free entrance but the Tarzan Jump costs 20 pesos and 50 for foreigners. 

Century Old Balete Tree environmental fee is only 10 pesos. 

For a trusted and reliable tour guide, contact this number: 09652712356 and his email address:  

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